ACM Hybrid Corn Seeds have the following characteristics:

  • High shelling recovery
  • Potential grain yield of 9 tons per hectare
  • Low price compared to competitors
  • Tolerance to corn borer
  • Resistance to lead blight and rust
  • Tolerance to Glyphosate herbicide
  • Resistance to ear or kernel rot (Boticol) and Aflatoxin development
  • Absence of Vivipary even in cool and humid areas

Agronomic Features

Ear size big and uniform
Ear length 17-20 cm
Ear weight 300 – 350 gms
Kernel rows 14-16
Kernel type flint, heavy, fast-drying, high-drying recovery
Kernel color orange yellow
Kernel depth deep
Kernel size big
Maturity 95-105 days
Plant height 210-230 cm
Ear height 110-120 cm
Lodging resistant
Reaction to drought tolerant to resistant
Reaction to ear rot (Boticol) tolerant to resistant
Reaction to leaf spot/blight (sunog) resistant
Reaction to corn borer tolerant to resistant
Stay green quality good
Vivipary absent even in cool and high elevations
Moisture content at maturity 28%-30%
Shelling recovery 78%-82%
Area of adaptation nationwide, lowlands and medium elevations

Location Testing

See our gallery of on-location field tests: